Saturday, 5 July 2014

Pool Deck Surface

Rubber flooring is an alternative option for pool decking. Rubber flooring for pool decks is generally made of recycled rubber. They are well-manufactured and eco-friendly. Then can usually of two categories: poured-in –place rubber bond and interlocking rubber tiles.

The first category requires professional installation while the second can be done without outside help. Poured –in –place rubber bond flooring is considered to be more durable and provides more customization facility.

Rubber flooring offers a permeable, porous and non-skid surface, which does not get to hot. It’s easy to maintain and drains quickly as drains are designed in a strategically convenient manner. Users of rubber flooring don’t have to cut down on sophistication as numerous colors and patterns are available to choose from.

One of the biggest advantages of rubber flooring is its low maintenance. It can easily be cleaned with a leaf blower or a garden hose; soap and water can be used too. It’s durable and can be repaired easily if damaged.

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